Soha Lost Centuria icon Water


Nine-tailed Fox

  • Rarity : Hero
  • Role : Supporticon Support
  • Element : Waterelement Water
  • Mana Cost : 4

Spirit Stealing

Throws the fox orb to the enemy granted with beneficial effects and steals beneficial effects from them. The stolen beneficial effects will be granted on all allies, and recovers the HP of all allies by a portion of the damage dealt.

Basic Stats

  • atk icon
    ATQ 149
  • def icon
    DEF 143
  • hp icon
    HP 2159
  • crit rate icon
    CRIT RATE 15%
  • crit dmg icon
    CRIT DMG 150%
  • acc icon
    ACC 0%
  • res icon
    RES 15%

Skill Stones

Beneficial Effect Skill Stone Beneficial Effect

Increases Soha's Accuracy by 30%.

Recovery Skill Stone Recovery

Increases the recovery of Spirit Stealing by 30%.

Enchanting Eyes Skill Stone Enchanting Eyes

[Passive] Enchants the enemy with the highest Attack Power periodically. The enchanted target attacks its team instead.

Soha Runes in Lost Centuria

+ Add Rune Set
bg rune set Focus icon Focus icon Focus icon

Buff thief

  • Rune Set to use :icon Focus Focus
  • Prioritized Sub-stats : HP icon ATK icon ACC icon RES icon
  • Skill Stones : Beneficial Effect Beneficial Effect Skill Stone
  • Position in comp : 5

By  Kialia on the 05/31/2021

Equip Soha with as much ACC, PV, RES and ATK as you can to bring her to her full potential, getting enemy buffs especially when there is a Lapis while healing your team on the side depending on damage dealt. RES will keep stuns away on counters for example (especially towards the end game). The rare skill stone will come in handy, but if you have good ACC stats, I would advise you to aim for the heroic skill stone that would give you a lot of HP.

Comps with Soha in Lost Centuria