Prilea Lost Centuria icon Wind



  • Rarity : Normal
  • Role : Attackicon Attack
  • Element : Windelement Wind
  • Mana Cost : 3

Blade Wind

Attacks the frontline enemies to grant DEF DOWN II.

Basic Stats

  • atk icon
    ATQ 124
  • def icon
    DEF 86
  • hp icon
    HP 1323
  • crit rate icon
    CRIT RATE 15%
  • crit dmg icon
    CRIT DMG 150%
  • acc icon
    ACC 0%
  • res icon
    RES 15%

Skill Stones

Harmful effect Skill Stone Harmful effect

Increases the DEF DOWN duration of Blade Wind by 3 sec.

Damage Skill Stone Damage

Increases the damage of Blade Wind by 20%.

Chill Wind Skill Stone Chill Wind

Blade Wind Stuns the target with a 30% chance.

Prilea Runes in Lost Centuria

+ Add Rune Set
bg rune set Fatal icon Fatal icon Fatal icon

Early/mid game - Fatal Set

  • Rune Set to use :icon Fatal Fatal
  • Prioritized Sub-stats : CRIT RATE icon HP icon ATK icon ACC icon
  • Skill Stones : Chill Wind Chill Wind Skill Stone
  • Position in comp : 7

By  Diamond iconHakio on the 05/25/2021

Very good AOE monster to equip with a fatal rune set to reach the maximum ATK potential and prioritize Accuracy. Make sure you empower the def break and stun if you own the Chill Wind skill stone. Good synergy with AOE monsters and the Giant Warrior spell.

bg rune set Violent icon Violent icon Violent icon

Break armor violence.

  • Rune Set to use :icon Violent Violent
  • Prioritized Sub-stats : HP icon ACC icon
  • Skill Stones : Damage Damage Skill Stone
  • Position in comp : 6

By  Conqueror iconSomerCyka on the 06/13/2021

After trying out most rune sets for this monster, this one is without a doubt the most efficient. Getting the possibility to play your Prilea a second time instantly can get you out of the worst situations and instantly set an armor break III to take your opponent by surprise. As a reminder, the violent set allows a card to return to your hand with a 30% chance.

Comps with Prilea in Lost Centuria