Copper Lost Centuria icon Wind


Living Armor

  • Rarity : Hero
  • Role : Defenseicon Defense
  • Element : Windelement Wind
  • Mana Cost : 4

Hammer Crash

Strikes the frontline enemies to inflict damage that's proportionate to Copper's Defense. If his Defense is or higher than the target's, the attack Will ignore the Defense.

Basic Stats

  • atk icon
    ATQ 120
  • def icon
    DEF 165
  • hp icon
    HP 2285
  • crit rate icon
    CRIT RATE 15%
  • crit dmg icon
    CRIT DMG 150%
  • acc icon
    ACC 0%
  • res icon
    RES 15%

Skill Stones

Beneficial Effect Skill Stone Beneficial Effect

Increases Copper's Defense by 15%.

Mana Cost Skill Stone Mana Cost

Decreases the Mana cost of Hammer Crush by 1.

Living Suit Skill Stone Living Suit

[Passive] Increases the Copper's Defense by 30% whenever he loses 25% HP.

Copper Runes in Lost Centuria

+ Add Rune Set
bg rune set Guard icon Guard icon Guard icon

With hammer hits!

  • Rune Set to use :icon Guard Guard
  • Prioritized Sub-stats : HP icon DEF icon RES icon
  • Skill Stones : Beneficial Effect Beneficial Effect Skill Stone
  • Position in comp : 6

By  Conqueror iconSomerCyka on the 06/13/2021

Copper can deal damage while ignoring enemy DEF depending on his own DEF. It is essential to equip him with a Guard rune set. Careful not to forget playing him alongside Shannon to deal heavy hammer hits!

Comps with Copper in Lost Centuria