Nicki Lost Centuria icon Dark


Occult Girl

  • Rarity : Legend
  • Role : Attackicon Attack
  • Element : Darkelement Dark
  • Mana Cost : 5

Teddy Spell

Casts Teddy Spell on the backline enemies.

Basic Stats

  • atk icon
    ATQ 219
  • def icon
    DEF 145
  • hp icon
    HP 2481
  • crit rate icon
    CRIT RATE 15%
  • crit dmg icon
    CRIT DMG 150%
  • acc icon
    ACC 0%
  • res icon
    RES 15%

Skill Stones

Harmful Effect Skill Stone Harmful Effect

Increases the damage dealt by 15% when the teddy is freed.

Mana Cost Skill Stone Mana Cost

Decreases the Mana cost of Teddy Spell by 1.

Cursed Soul Skill Stone Cursed Soul

If the target forcefully removes Teddy Spell, the target will become Unrecoverable additionally.

Nicki Runes in Lost Centuria

+ Add Rune Set
bg rune set Fatal icon Fatal icon Fatal icon

Anti Debuff / DPS

  • Rune Set to use :icon Fatal Fatal
  • Prioritized Sub-stats : HP icon ATK icon ACC icon
  • Skill Stones : Harmful Effect Harmful Effect Skill Stone
  • Position in comp : 6

By  Diamond iconHakio on the 05/26/2021

Nicki allows you to counter compositions with low HP monsters (as they usually are in AOE comps for eg) or make a DOT comp that shouldn't be scared of debuffs. Should be runed with Fatal or Focus with sub-stats in ATK and ACC in priority as well as some HP and RES. (Early game)

Comps with Nicki in Lost Centuria