Orion Lost Centuria icon Water


Brownie Magician

  • Rarity : Rare
  • Role : Supporticon Support
  • Element : Waterelement Water
  • Mana Cost : 2

Harmless Prank

Shuffles the enemy cards and randomly grants beneficial effect removal, Glancing Hit UP III, ATK DOWN III or Stun.

Basic Stats

  • atk icon
    ATQ 119
  • def icon
    DEF 118
  • hp icon
    HP 1839
  • crit rate icon
    CRIT RATE 15%
  • crit dmg icon
    CRIT DMG 150%
  • acc icon
    ACC 0%
  • res icon
    RES 15%

Skill Stones

Harmful effect Skill Stone Harmful effect

Increases the harmful effect duration of Harmless Prank.

Damage Skill Stone Damage

Increases the damage of Harmless Prank by 25%.

Fever Time Skill Stone Fever Time

[Passive] Gets the card back with the Mana cost deducted by 1 with a fixed chance when using Harmless Prank.

Orion Runes in Lost Centuria

+ Add Rune Set
bg rune set Energy icon Energy icon Energy icon

Lapis' pet peeve

  • Rune Set to use :icon Energy Energy
  • Prioritized Sub-stats : HP icon ACC icon DEF icon RES icon
  • Skill Stones : Damage Damage Skill Stone
  • Position in comp : 7

By  Diamond iconHakio on the 05/25/2021

Much like Jeanne (who synergizes well with him), Orion will drive your opponent crazy by keeping them from playing in late fight with his Stun. HP, accuracy and resistance will make him a killer.

Comps with Orion in Lost Centuria