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Find here all of the Summoners War: Lost Centuria monster comps and rune sets published by vnavarro. Go ahead and steal their ideas!


Team Comps published by vnavarro

Rune Sets published by vnavarro

bg rune set

Deceleration Tank

  • Rune Set to use :icon Energy Energy
  • Prioritized Sub-stats : HP icon ATK icon DEF icon
  • Skill Stones : Harmful effect Harmful effect Skill Stone
  • Position in comp : 2

For monster Poseidon on the 06/27/2021

The idea here is to use Poseidon to suck up front lane damage along with the first position tank holding on the team alive. Is easy to get 5k+ HP with this set, besides that he has a deceleration II effect with a 3 mana cost, those two should help you slow down the enemy team. Time up his use after enemy team speed up buff is almost finished.